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WELL Update: WELL Health Technologies Corp’s New Logo

In a July 12th, 2018 release, WELL Health Technologies Corp. announced its name change. The company has now completed the development of its new logo and will be implementing it over the coming weeks and months.

Careful thought and consideration were put into both the new company name and its logo.

The company’s Mission is to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower and support patients and doctors.

“WELL Health Technology Corp.” was chosen for the company’s name because it perfectly aligns with and reinforces this mission statement. The definition of the adjective “WELL” is: in good health; free or recovered from illness. The definition of the noun “Health” is: the state of being free from illness or injury. Both words reinforce the company’s mission statement. For the investment community, the all caps treatment of the word “WELL” creates connectivity with the company’s ticker symbol.

The brand’s dominant “blue” colour was chosen because of its natural health correlations and a number of other symbolic positives. It is calming, peaceful, and tranquil. “Blue” is often associated with water which is the source of life itself. It evokes trust, honesty, and a staid approach to business and security which are each of significant importance to customers, partners and shareholders alike.

Precision medicine is a model that WELL Health Technology Corp. subscribes to. It proposes customizing healthcare decisions, treatments, practices and products to suit individual patient’s needs. So, it is by no means a coincidence the WELL Health “W” logomark and its “circles” are precise in balance and geometry. This geometry and the circles themselves also resemble a digital font which aligns with the company’s technology mandate.

In addition, the pattern of circles making up the dots are reminiscent of a “Fountain of Youth” which symbolizes life, youth, and time, things that each person often has the ability to proactively influence provided they have access to knowledge, information, tools, and support. All things that WELL Health Technologies Corp. is committed to delivering to its patient customers.

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